Playing guitar for the last 28 years Toby is a versitile and experienced guitarist. Styles range from full on shred guitar heroics, rock, country, pop, blues and jazz to acoustic.

recordingPrimarily inspired by hearing Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix as a kid, influences include : Paul Fenech ( The Meteors ), Danny Gatton, Eddie Van Halen and GIT instructor Scott Henderson.

Toby’s guitar playing has been heard all over the world on numerous TV and advertising campaigns as well as commercial recordings for artists like George Michael and Perry Blake and Clyde ‘The Funky Drummer’ Stubblefield.

Recent projects include the soundtrack for the forthcoming release of ‘Goldeneye’ for the Wii with Nicole Scherzinger and guitars on the motion picture ‘Faster’ with Dwayne Johnson due out Nov 24th.